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Deal Score+419

Plan ahead for the New Year with return flights to Orlando from £299.99
Lead in: £299.99 rtn
1. The prices and book by date are one way prices based on return flight purchases. They are correct as of 10th June 2019, and can change at any time without notice before a booking is confirmed depending on demand and availability.
2. We use dynamic pricing to set the prices of seats which means that seats sold on each flight are priced differently according to factors such as take up and market demand. This means that prices may be available at a lower price outside of this special offer.
3. Each flight includes 6kg hand baggage and a three course James Martin Meal.
4. The prices include taxes and charges and apply to adult fares only.
5. The prices are strictly subject to availability. Please check the price applicable for your requested dates prior to completing your booking.
6. Flights are sold by Thomas Cook Airlines Limited. Booking Conditions and Conditions of Carriage apply and are available at
7. These Terms and Conditions are governed by English Law and are subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of England and Wales.

Terms & Conditions
Terms and conditions apply. Please see Thomas Cook Airlines site for full details. 1. Your Contract
This website is operated by Thomas Cook Airlines Limited. When you book a Flight on this website,
Thomas Cook Airlines Limited will process your payment. Where we operate your Flights your contract
will be with Thomas Cook Airlines Ltd. Where your Flight is operated by another Airline, your contract
will be with Thomas Cook Tour Operations Limited. These Booking Conditions will apply to your
Booking. Additionally, where we operate your Flight(s) the Conditions of Carriage found in Section B will
also apply. However, where your Flights are operated by another Airline their separate Conditions of
Carriage will apply (we can provide you with a copy of these on request).
When you book via this website, your Booking will not form a ‘package’ under the Package Travel and
Linked Travel Arrangements Regulations 2018.
The following definitions apply unless the context otherwise requires.
"Airline(s)" means the Airline(s) which provides your Flight(s). This may be Thomas Cook Airlines Limited
or any one or more of a number of other Airlines.
"Booking" meansthe Booking you make using this website.
"Conditions" means these terms andConditions and the applicable Conditions of Carriage.
“Fare” means one of the following:
“Economy Light Fare” means our basic fare with no extras. Extras such as seat reservations or hold
baggage can be added during the booking journey.
“Economy Fare” means our standard economy fare with some extras included.
“Flex Fare and Booking with Flex Option” allows you to have more flexibility with changes to your Flights
as well as cancellation.
" Flight(s)" meansthe Flight(s) you book with Thomas Cook Airlines.
“Force Majeure” means unusual and unforeseeable circumstances beyond our control, the
consequences of which could not have been avoided even if all due care had been exercised. Such
circumstances will usually include, but are not limited to, war, serious security problems such as
terrorist activity, airport closures, airspace closures (as well as other air traffic management decisions
which may give rise to long overnight delays or cancellations of one or more Flights), the inability of
Thomas Cook Airlines to operate Flights as a result of the United Kingdom's decision to leave the
European Union (including the loss or restriction of air traffic or transit rights or the right of Airline(s) to
enter any airspace), civil unrest or events arising out of political instability, industrial dispute or strikes,
fire, natural or nuclear disaster, bad weather and all similar circumstances and in all such cases
whether, actual or threatened.
"SDR" means Special Drawing Rights which is an international monetary unit , set up by the International
Monetary Fund. International Conventions, such as the Montreal Convention, refer to monetary values
using the SDR unit.
"you" and "your" means all persons (or any of them as applicable) named on the Booking (including the
lead passenger (as defined below in 'Making A Booking') and anyone who is added or substituted at a
"Sector" means a one-way Flight to or from the UK. If you book a return Flight, this will comprise two
Sectors – e.g. on a return Flight to the UK, the initial Flight departing the UK will be the first Sector and
the returning Flight will be the second Sector.
“Thomas Cook Airlines”, "we", "us", "our" and "ourselves" means either Thomas Cook Airlines Limited
or Thomas cook Tour Operations Ltd, depending upon whether your Flight is booked with Thomas Cook
Airlines or another Airline (as stated above).
2. Prices on this Website
Prices on the website
It is possible that the price of your Flight may go up or down from the advertised price due to live
Flight pricing. Whilst prices and availability are updated regularly on our website and marketing
communications, they may change prior to you completing your Booking with us.
It is rare, but occasionally we may display an incorrect fare in error. If we do, we will give you the
option to:
? pay any difference between the price advertised in error and the actual price; or
? cancel the tickets purchased, where we will provide a full refund of the price you have paid. If
you choose to cancel, we will refund any reasonable, non-refundable, out of pocket expenses
incurred by you before we made you aware of the error. Any expenses claimed must be
supported with valid receipts.
For fares on travel to and from the US, all such cancellations and refunds will be made in strict
compliance with the May 8 2015 US Department of Transportation Policy on mistaken fares.
3. Making a Booking
You must be at least 18 years old to make a Booking with us. The person named first in the Booking
will be the 'lead passenger'. As the lead passenger you accept and confirm that you have authority
and consent to accept these Booking Conditions and the applicable Conditions of Carriage for
yourself, all members of your party and any subsequently added or substituted members. The lead
passenger also agrees to provide full and accurate information relating to the Booking to the rest of the
When you book you will:
? have to pay the full cost of the Flight and any otherservices you book at the same time; and
? be responsible for the total cost of the Booking including any insurance premiums and any
cancellation or amendment charges applicable.
Travel Agent Bookings: Any travel agent using this website or Booking platform is not an agent for us.
No commission or other payment will be due from us to any travel agent making a Booking on this
website/Booking platform, and no agency agreement will apply to such Bookings. It is the travel
agent's own responsibility to ensure that they comply with any legal or regulatory requirements,
including the need to hold their own ATOL, issue a Flight Only or (where necessary) Package ATOL
Certificate and pay APC to the Air Travel Trust.
4. Group Bookings
The below terms and Conditions only apply where your Booking includes 10 or more passengers as one
Group Payment Terms: We can accept a deposit or payment for the full amount of your Booking, which
we will request at the time of Booking. Where you book less than 12 weeks before departure, you will
be required to pay the full amount of your Booking. If you choose to pay a deposit only, the minimum
payment will be 20% of the full group Booking (“minimum deposit”). Full payment for any outstanding
balances will be taken automatically 12 weeks before departure, using the same payment details that
were used to pay the deposit.
Please note, we only accept one payment method per group Booking. This means that you will have to use the
same credit or debit card to pay for the full group Booking. Please bear this in mind when making a group
Booking as we will not be able to accept any other payment methods.
Group Cancellations: The following will apply when you cancel your group Booking:
? Cancellations made within 12 weeks of travel - will be completely non-refundable;
? Cancellations made more than 12 weeks before travel:
o we will charge you the deposit you have paid.
o if you have made full payment for your group Booking more than 12 weeks prior to
your departure date, we will refund you the full amount less the ‘minimum deposit’.
Group Seats and Extras: We will allocate seat numbers for the group. However, if your Flights are
being operated by Thomas Cook Airlines and you would like to choose your seating, you can purchase
the “Choose Your Seat” service during the Booking stage. If you are travelling with sports equipment,
this will be charged in full when you add it to your Booking. These services are non-refundable and we
will advise you of the applicable charges before you complete your Booking.
Group Names and Changes: You must supply Thomas Cook Airlines with the names of all passengers at
least 28 days prior to the date of travel. Free name changes are permitted up to 28 days before
departure. If you notify us within 28 days this will be treated as a name change and will be subject to an
administration charge of up to £70 per person per Flight. You cannot change names within 25 hours of
your scheduled departure. If you do, this will be treated as a cancellation and our cancellation terms will
5. Confirmation of Bookings
When you book with Thomas Cook Airlines via this website or by phone, we will e-mail a confirmation
itinerary to the e-mail address you provided when making the Booking. At this stage, the contract
between us and you will commence.
Please check your confirmation itinerary together with all other information and documents we send you
as soon as you receive them and let us know immediately if any of the information is incorrect as it may
not be possible to make changes later. We do not accept responsibility if we are not notified of any
inaccuracies in information supplied to you within 7 days of issue.. You are responsible for any
costs/expensesincurred unless we made the mistake and there is good reason why you did not contact us
within the timelimit.

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