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    ‘Lebara 2GB Monthly SIM Only Plan £5, Includes 2GB 4G + 1000 National mins to United Kingdom + 100 International minutes to 41 countries and 1,000 texts.’

    Hmmm. I’m a victim of the Lyca ToggleMobile breakdown (see separate thread ‘What’s happened to ToggleMobile?’). Lebara have been promoting the £5 deal in the Metro newspaper. It’s the ‘…[Read more]

      • Thanks, John. Yes, I came across that page but those rates look incompatible with the £5 monthly offer.

        I need more info, such as what calls are included/excluded – mobiles? roaming? (Switzerland is not an EEA territory) costs of calls/data outside the monthly allowances, etc? – i.e. the simple basic info I would expect to find on a website.…[Read more]

        • Contract with EE ends 05th April, not wanting to renew as they are to expensive for my usage and they cannot/will not match others.
          Looking at the Lebara Exclusive Monthly…[Read more]

          • Either Smarty or Three seem to suit your needs better than Lebara as they both include Switzerland in their bundles where Lebara have roaming charges at zone 3 rates

            • Yes but as I said, “but not bothered about international countries anyway”. I have no need to call international countries.

        • Glenn: Yes, that’s the offer I’m looking at and seeking more information on.
          John: Thanks, John. Switzerland is one of the 41 countries included in the 100 international minutes offer, hence my interest. 😉 Calls to Switzerland, plus data and UK calls for £5 a month would be attractive. Having been burnt by Togglemobile, I want to be…[Read more]

          • Lebara 2GB Monthly SIM Only Plan £5, Includes 2GB 4G + 1000 National mins to United Kingdom + 100 International minutes to 41 countries and 1,000 texts.’
            It’s £4.95/month through uswitch at the moment.

            • I’ve got the SIM. Is there an option to cap bills/data usage? I can’t see anything in the dashboard and a dig around the site only comes up with “No bill shock” in the promotional pages, which may mean something else entirely. .

    • I have spoken to Lebara on 3 separate occasions and 3 different advisers, all inform me that if you do not have credit on your SIM, then once you hit 2GB on this plan, your data will stop until you renew for the following 30 days, i.e an automatic cap.

      • The deal is attractive for us, and EEA roaming is included. However, unlike with some others, calls FROM Switzerland are not included in ‘EEA’ roaming. This is a potential deal breaker for us.

        On the surface, Smarty looks good for us (my wife already uses them). I just need to do a few ‘what if’ calculations to be sure.

        • Just to add that I went through U-switch to get this deal at £4.95 per month. Beware that porting in times are not honoured. Inconvenient at the best of times, but right now dangerous because I am missing calls that go to my old account and have no way of accessing voicemail messages.

        • And to add insult in injury I have just been cut off the live chat. I did check the CS rating before transferring and this seemed fine. Telephone line “unable to take calls right now”.

          Lesson: if it looks too good to be true, it probably is.

        • And now the chat line offers no more than the circular Blue UK options. We’re al under pressure here, but my first 48 hours with Lebara “UK” has been a dreadful experience.

          I know that India is under a lockdown too (I believe it’s an Indian call centre behind this) but business continuity is something I would expect the telecommunication sector…[Read more]

          • Bit of a disruption during the afternoon of the switch, (yesterday), but as from 7p.m. last night all seems to be working OK,including the £10.00 call credit showing online.

            I think a lot of companies, banks etc are only taking emergency calls by phone not just Lebara.

            • I was promised 6pm yesterday.

              Then definitely today. Still not connected, still missing calls that I won’t even know about. Wouldn’t be such a problem if I wasn’t a key worker.

            • Still not connected….

              Comms are in exactly the same position as yesterday, can’t actually speak to anyone on the phone or online. Lebara has let me down very badly from the outset.

            • Now I am totally confused.

              I’ve taken non FT / W’App / Skype calls from people since 4pm yesterday – more than 5 days after I initiated the port – so assumed all was finally well. The calls I’ve made since have been “who is this?” which I excused as those I was calling were elderly neighbours. It’s only when I made a call to a relative earlier…[Read more]

            • Received Lbara sim £5 one month 2GB 4G contract. When i put it in my phone I found it was 2G only. Contacted Lebara and told to send SMS quoting 4G so it could be upgraded. However coverage is so bad it has failed to send 10 times over 2 days despite having checked on Ofcom website which says I am on edge of good connection area. Claiming…[Read more]

            • More learning about this cruddy deal – it’s 30 days ONLY and not a rolling 30-day contract as I expected.

              Unbeknownst to me, you have to go back into your account and renew the plan every 30 days – I only realised when I chewed through £15 of credit. At least I can comfort myself that I did not leave auto top-up on, as I’d be chatting away…[Read more]

            • That probably explains why Lebara take your card/paypal details for this plan instead of Direct Debit details.

            • I didn’t think twice about it at the time – didn’t much care as long as they had a means of payment (my previous provider billed my credit card, so I saw nothing wrong with this).

              ETA: Lebara CS is an utter disgrace. Just pay a bit more, save your precious time and keep peace of mind!

            • What does “Eta” / “ETA” mean?

            • Edited to add.

            • Direct Debit isn’t a guaranteed form of payment, they aren’t going to support it on a non-credit checked product.
              They are in essence giving you a deal for setting up auto-renew and cutting out their costs for pre-pay vouchers.

            • Yet Talkmobile – who also don’t do a credit check – asked for my DD details and successfully managed to set up a DD when i signed up for their 2gb sim only plan for £6/m the other day. So if other MVNOs such as Talkmobile can offer DDs on credit checked plans then I’m sure Lebara could as well, if they wanted to.

          • ^^^^The point is Lebara doesn’t wish to.

            The busines model deconstructed is to offer an apparently good deal, encourage adding top-up credit as a buffer and setting the auto-default NOT to renew so the money goes straight into them. You learn once only, and the hard way.

            There is no way on this planet that I would recommend Lebara – the customer…[Read more]

      • I don’t see what the problem is, maybe I’m being thick – don’t answer that!
        I have a Lebara SIM only plan at £4.95/month for 2Gb, 1000 min and unlimited texts.
        They have a debit card on file from which payment is taken each month on a rolling contract. There’s no obligation to top up the account although I was credited £10 for transferring a n…[Read more]

        • er telling them to cancel Having been with 3 for some years and having had to threaten leaving several times to get a better, low use cheap deal I was happily tootling along on £5 a month with 600 Min/Txts and 1Gb.. then i got a message saying because they could they were putting up the cost by the RPI.. really? and i found Lebaras offer on…[Read more]

  • ben stones posted an update in the group Group logo of UtilitiesUtilities 1 month, 1 week ago

    Hello there.
    I’ve recently moved into a leasehold flat in a converted Victorian house. Each flat has an electricity meter, but for some reason everything goes through the landlord’s supply and each flat is then charged their share of their bills based on meter readings. The previous owner’s bill for late July to late November was £320 – this is a…[Read more]

    • The previous owner’s bill for late July to late November was £320 – this is a one bedroom flat, so I’d expect it to be more in the region of £40-£50 depending on the season, etc., so £320 seems more than excessive

      Is the flat all electric? If so £10 ish estimate a month seems rather out? Previous owners bill was £80 per month?

      Because of th…[Read more]

    • I don’t know where you got the idea of £10 a month from – that only just covers the standing charge.
      What makes you think VAT will be 20%? Have you seen a copy of the previous occupiers bill?
      At the moment you are doing a lot of guessing and jumping to conclusions.

    • Is the flat all eletric ?

    • Can see why you have worries about of future bills however there is nothing wrong with asking the Landlord what your cost is per Kwh is and the Standing charge
      In situations of a Master meter feeding tenants sub-meters, the rule is that the Landlord should not make a profit on the energy supplied, but it’s not clear-cut as the landlord is allowed…[Read more]

    • In a very short time the cold weather will be gone and your individual heating and hot water costs will reduce to the point where room heating will be off and not needed. £40-60pw all electric winter cost is entirely unrealistic, the £320 you were charged however is only marginally high for the period. Particularly because on this non a…[Read more]

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