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    ok so, data has become cheap offering 3G, 4G, 5G I wont name the company’s in question but will provide you with the ability to test for yourself using speed test also state why company’s are over charging for 3G services.

    The story:-
    The company in question sold me a contract fone. they then offered me 5G knowing full well that the fone they…[Read more]

    • What mobile company are you talking about because i didn’t know of any that charge extra for 4G, usually 2,3 & 4G are all included in every package and the device will switch to the best signal and only 5G is an extra cost.
      The problem you have is that you don’t get the best signal where you are so the speeds are not near the top end of the…[Read more]

      • Searching for the exact words “Signal quality and speeds can be negatively impacted” throws up two suspects, Vodafone and Talkmobile, however I don’t think the latter offers 5G.

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    Which phone has the best camera?
    Where is it on best offer?

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    If anyone can help – thank you very much. I am not sure if this is a question to ask here or if another forum might be better. Please move for me if necessary.

    My Vokera Gas Boiler (Compact 28 SE – about five years old now) would not turn off or allow me to reduce the heating level and I woke up to my flat being very hot: 24 to 27 degrees…[Read more]

    • Googling found this which may or may not help:)


      Seems to indicate batteries within unit?

      • Thanks glenn – my ‘unit’ is not ‘Wi-fi’ at all and seems to work by battery from the ? remote room thermostat to the main boiler. The batteries in the thermostat seem to be all right. I am not sure at all what the E82 Error Code actually means.

        I’m thankful, if it had to happen at all, it is on a not too cold day. I’ll know, once I turn the…[Read more]

    • The remote thermostat will use some sort of RF comms to tell the boiler to turn on/off based on temperature. I don’t know the system, but if the error code is being shown on the thermostat, it’s possibly a fault in the thermostat rather than the boiler itself. Low batteries as was suggested, or a comms glitch.

      Perhaps the youtube video you saw…[Read more]

      • Yes, thanks mitchel…, the link you have given goes to the thermostat I have. The YouTube is the same one although it was not identical to what was on the thermostat. By trial and error it seems to have ‘paired’ with the boiler again. I’m just hoping it does not happen again before the annual service in May – especially as I now know my Emergency…[Read more]

        • I have checked and my home contents/emergency cover is due to expire on 01 May 2019. I am just now going to post on the”Insurance” site in case anyone has experience of British Gas ‘Four’ Boiler cover. Thank you very much for your helpful replies regarding my Vokera E82 error.

          • If anyone can give some more information I’ll be grateful thanks. I’m so pleased to have been able to remedy the Error Code E82 and, so far, my Vokera boiler has been working really well. I really appreciated the help.

            When the Error Code E82 was ‘on’ it was impossible to turn the heating off and it was on ‘full.’ If this happens when I am on…[Read more]

            • The link to the thermostat posted by psychic teabag mentions Holiday and OFF modes, either of which should do the job for you.

            • I must have overlooked that information.

              I’ll look at the link again now and make notes for when I am away, thanks.

            • I have just gone through the link and I have looked at a YouTube clip about setting the timer. I have not been able to find exactly how to put it to holiday mode or hot water mode – although I really have tried to find the instructions.

              The YouTube makes it easy to understand setting the timer etc. but nothing about holiday or hot water mode.…[Read more]

            • On my central heating controller there is a Holiday button that you press then set the number of days and the temperature, so it’s very simple. On yours it appears that it’s set by choosing the Mode of Operation, but I’m unsure how you actually do…[Read more]

            • I could not see any setting to select – only the timer, date, time and temperature etc. As it is mentioned in the link I’m sure you are right and it must be possible.

              I’m not going away on holiday just yet and hopefully will be able to find out. If I could be sure that the E 82 Error Code would not recur it would be all right but, although…[Read more]

    • If the holiday is before winter, there’s always the nuclear option – turn off the mains power to the boiler. It being off wouldn’t be an issue as there’d be little to no chance of frost/freezing pipes. 🙂

      • I wondered about that but was worried in case the remote wall timer would not reconnect with the boiler or the boiler would not work normally after being off for 10 days or so.

        Would that be a safe enough option?

        • Have you googled Vokera and E82. Suggests it is a communication error.

          • Yes – the Error Code was a communicatior error and, with help from the forum here, it was resolved – ? A temporary interruption in communication. I’m anxious about it happening again if I am away and not here to remedy the problem – the heating would be on all radiators full 24 hours as it also bypassed the TRVs.

            In the five years I have had the…[Read more]

    • I’d second the suggestion of just turning the heating off (via the controller). No reason to worry about the boiler not coping with going unused for a period : wouldn’t expect to use any heating during the summer anyway.

      The hot-water-only mode just means that the room thermostat will never ask for heat.

      EDIT: just had a quick look at the manual…[Read more]

      • Err… that doesn’t sound good. TRV’s should be entirely mechanical, with decision happening at the radiator. The radiators should close off the hot water circuit when their local environ is warm enough. Then if there is nothing removing any heat, the circulating water will reach a threshold and the boiler should turn off.

        I think there must…[Read more]

        • Yes it is a combi boiler. Your post is really helpful and I’l look for the mode selector you mention on the front of the boiler to see how to turn off the room heating.

          I’m low on confidence with this and I appreciate the help very much.

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    I am looking to download some albums like The Beat etc and save them on to CD’s or memory sticks.
    Where would be the best place to purchase and download or is there somewhere free


    • 2 options


      Depends where you can get the album from as it could limit your choice.

    • Be careful with itunes: in the past I had well over 1000 itunes, but every now and then, itunes updates and the versions of some itunes don’t carry on with the new upgrade or the license changes and I lose tunes. I’ve got about 60% of what I had before, luckily I’ve uploaded to a back up device but I do not think I should have to do this by…[Read more]

    • hi
      does anyone have tips on how to download cheap music? I got rid of my Amazon music subscription.

    • Depends on the music you want. If it’s pop stuff, you’re pretty much stuck with amazon and iTunes for mp3s. For other genres, smaller artists often have albums for free or dirt cheap on bandcamp.

      For alternative steaming platforms, If you don’t mind adverts and limited capability to pick songs, Spotify free version could work for you. I…[Read more]

    • Really torn between Amazon, Spotify, iTunes, what does everyone use?

      • I dont buy songs, I have Amazon music and it covers absolutely everything I need and is included in my prime membership.

    • I have membership with mp3million. It has lasted me for some years now, from one lowest deposit. I think was $15 or $20. Although, I got mp3’s from them occasionally.

    • I have membership with mp3million. It has lasted me for some years now, from one lowest deposit. I think was $15 or $20. Although, I got mp3’s from them occasionally.

    • If you are happy to give you money to ( very ) grey eastern european criminals who dont pay artists ( Do you really think they operate legally but still charge less than 10% of other sites ? )

    • Why you torn ?

      Just choose 1 or 2, can add Google Music to the list too.

    • For older / popular stuff, I often find it cheaper to buy a used CD from ebay, poundland etc then rip it and stick it in the loft….

    • i use spotify.. mainly and YT music (around 20 a month for both)

      occasionally use other methods for full albums, but they would be “at own risk” i guess. / not for beginners.

    • john replied 1 month ago

      I’ve never used Amazon for music before. Am I right in thinking that you can download individual tracks and then pop them on a CD? I’m trying to make a compilation for the car – but my 21yr old car (and its radio) can’t handle anything other than CDs. So I need to go “old school” with my music.

    • Nemi replied 1 month ago

      “autorip” for anyone looking at this, yea i have alllll the cds i have bought for around 15 years off amazon on the account, which works great coz some have been gifts and ive thought, oh i’d like that for myself lol. and there they are in digi form! – some 10000 tracks at last count (there will be some overlap with compilations etc but yea still good!)

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