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    What’s the best way ? My contents insurers want £108 which will cover
    Me until January 2021. This includes losing the phone outside of my home ?

    • £108 seems steep especially from a Buildings/Contents Insurer! Ours are covered but only increased our policy by like £10? Personally I would save the £108 and wouldn’t insure it but then if your highly likely to lose/drop and damage your phone it may be worth paying the £108? Have you looked elsewhere for mobile phone cover?

      • Not yet. Is protect my bubble any good ?

        never lost or had a phone stolen before but don’t like taking chances

        • I have never used protect my bubble. They seem to have good reviews on trustpilot although I would look around at different review sites or even search the forum for reviews before purchasing. I would also check the terms and conditions of the policy to ensure it meets your needs.

    • Some Bank account perks provide this insurance.

    • I don’t quite understand your first post, are you saying your insurer wants over £100 to insure a £300 phone? Or is the insurance £100, which includes cover for the phone?

      • The phone is £300.
        The insurer wants £108 to cover me until early

        Protect your bubble is £8.50 per month fully covered. Think I’ll go for that

        • Really, £100 a year to cover a £300 phone? Madness.

          • It’s £8.50 per month so I can cancel at any time

            setting money aside each month is a good idea but if I have insurance I have peace of mind that if I break it it can be fixed ( where else does this ) and if I lose it it can be replaced
            however I’ve never broken or lost a phone before, I also have a good durable case coming so I’ll decide then

    • Why not put the monthly cost into a savings account and if anything happens use that money to replace the phone.

    • My content insurance say the phone is covered indoors. Does this mean if by some freak chance I damage it at home they’ll send me the money to repair it ?

    • Who is your insurer? What are their terms and conditions? Does it cover accidental damage?
      RE: Protectmybubble, you say your contents insurer quoted £108, how long is that for? As £8.50×12=£102+the excess? Is there an excess on your contents insurer?
      Seems crazy to spend £8.50/month + either £60 or £100 excess for a £300 phone?!

      • “A plan “which have relations to aviva
        it covers damage and loss inside the property

        contents insurance quote is £108 for 9 months for the phone only, inside and out the house
        excess is £100 which the contents insurance

        Protect your bubble is slightly cheaper plus thy have the ability to repair it for me

        • Hrm so essentially £200 if you need to claim, just put £200 into savings and hope you dont break it. Just think if you dont break it in the first year you have saved yourself £200 and technically should have £400 in savings ready for the next year! If you do need to claim in the 1st year your only paying £100 extra if you dont insure your phon…[Read more]

          • Makes sense thanks
            The only thing holding me back from cancelling my protect my bubble is , if it does get damage who do I turn to ?

            • If you don’t have an insurance policy then find the cheapest place to buy a replacement phone from that you want. Alternatively find a phone repairer either in your local town, online or go direct to the phone manufacturer? To be honest by the time you have done this you may aswell buy a new one. At the end of the day you can get a basic Samsung a…[Read more]

            • Got myself a nice strong case and screen protector.

              I’ve decided to keep the bubble insurance for 6 months. As by then the price might depreciate therefore making the insurance more than the value of the phone

  • I touched on this in a separate thread but feel that it really warrants its own. My experience as a long time PAYG user of O2 mobile is that for 2 (?) or more weeks they have been entirely uncontactable by phone, email or website. I can’t even get the web site to load.
    Granted that we are living in exceptional times at present I get the…[Read more]

    • Many users cannot get through to many many services not only networks

      • The link provided llus 02.co.uk load perfectly for me.
        Would like to know what the “something more serious is afoot” is all about, so what does everyone else think is going on ?

      • May be the explanation has something to do with my software. Each time I “load” the page, the O2 title appears in the tab, the page itself appears to load for just an instant but then disappears and is replaced by a blank screen. I can’t see anything obvious that might be responsible in my AV but if everyone else can load the page successfully…[Read more]

    • No online contact numbers at this time , no webchat available . I’ve just logged on to check.

      Phone call only but only for emergencies.

      If you are only after a new SIM card I’d pick one up in a pound shop or supermarket for PAYG and sort it out after all this

      • I’d guess that the issue is transferring or replicating the SIM data (not just the contacts), tariff and correspondence etc which would need O2’s involvement (or a mobile shop most of which are now closed)

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