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    Hi All,
    My taste card has just auto-renewed itself, although I wasn’t planning on having it for another year and had no idea it would do that. Is that legal? can anyone advise? I called them up but was told it was tough!



    • It is in their ts + cs which you will have agreed when first getting the card

    • A slightly different issue for me; I’ve had a 3 month trial for £1 and was fully aware that if I do not cancel, I will be charged for a further membership.

      However, I can’t cancel! Their phone lines are either not working or engaged. I have been trying to get through for 4 days and at the end of today I can see they will say I have not contacted…[Read more]

      • Cancel your card. Its a bit of a pain but it will stop the charge of £70

        • Bit drastic! I can’t really, I need it for other things.

          • I’ve also spent the whole afternoon unable to cancel my Tastecard trial as the only phone numbers for the company are permanently engaged. I also contacted Taste via their website and emails. In the end I rang my bank and cancelled the card authorisation, hopefully that will kick in in time to avoid making the payment tomorrow. However, in my…[Read more]

            • Interesting Glenn! They are terrible. I tried on Twitter; they just told me to email.

              Anyway, to update, I was charged yesterday ater failing to get through on the phone for days and having sent several emails, only some of which elicited auto replies (I am yet to get an actual reply).
              However, I realised that I had initially paid via PayPal, and…[Read more]

            • I did that too fiscalfreckles and PayPal were fantastic. I told the guy I spoke to that I had been constantly trying to ring and email them but they were ignoring me. He popped me on hold for a few mins came back and gave me a full refund. I told him it had happened to others and to have a look on their Twitter and Facebook to see all the angry…[Read more]

          • I have also just found this out the hard way.
            I have just been on the phone to the bank, after speaking to Paypal they advised me to get my bank to block payment, which I’ve found out that they can’t do.
            I’m so upset, it’s ‘only’ £30, but I really need that money at this point in my life. Tastecard wasn’t any good anyway, you can’t even use it on…[Read more]

            • Try putting in a claim online with Paypal, that’s all I did and they refunded it within a few hours. I just said that I had not authorised the transaction and Tastecard were uncontactable.

    • Oh -and I finally got a reply from tastecard saying thank you for my email but they prefer people to cancel over the phone!

    • Thank god I’m not the only one who this has happened to I am so upset. I did get through finally to be told that the transaction was made at 2mins past midnight this morning therefore it is 4 days before renewal (the young man was quite sarcastic to be honest). I haven’t used my membership at all during the trial period and probably wouldnt…[Read more]

    • Just to add the other side of the coin….. when the late Mr Bugs had dementia, he had a tastecard which autorenewed and I didn’t realise ( far too many other things going on).

      Anyway, picked it up on his bank statement, rang them to cancel it for next year and told them why, the helpful girl on the phone said to hold for a moment, came back and…[Read more]

      • I did that after thinking it through…
        Paypal refunded me! 😀
        Tastecard still sent the pack though…

      • I’m sorry to hear about your husband 🙁
        I do think they’ve gotten less helpful, certainly. Also, I think that their T&Cs have tightened- you can’t even use it on a weekend in most restaurants any more- which is when (if I ate out much) I would be going out with the boyfriend.

        • I am having the same problems with Tastecard. I never received a renewal email they claim to have sent me. I only knew once I received an email from paypal 4 days before saying they had made the payment.

          As soon as I received this I was straight on the phone but could not get through so sent them an email. This was never replied to so I…[Read more]

          • Hello michael,
            I filed a claim with Paypal, and, despite the customer ‘service’ lady sounding so smug when I told them I’d do so, Paypal sided with me, and refunded the £29.99 🙂

            I have only just now, after a week, received a response email from the complaint that I sent them after rude customer services, asking for more details (I sent email…[Read more]

            • For some reason you don’t need to contact them to cancel the £1 trial membership the above article discusses and can do it online.

              They do insist on you phoning them to stop an annual card renewing automatically.

              You can do that at any time after buying it (eg as soon as you get it)- no need to wait till you get close to renewal time.

    • Cancelling your card doesn’t necessarily work with continuous card authority’s. I had a Tastecard until the end of last year and when it renewed the previous year, I’d had a new Nationwide debit card since the previous renewal. I thought Tastecard were going to have to contact me for the new card details, but the payment went out as normal. I was…[Read more]

    • We had a Tastecard until the end of last year. We’d had a “lifetime” deal of £29.95 which was fairly good value. The first year it renewed automatically as they class it as an ongoing dining club. I contacted them as I never got the renewal email.

      The following year I’d made a note in my diary to monitor my spam folder regularly for the renewal…[Read more]

    • I had a tastecard for a year, but as it was purchased as a gift I did not have to go through all the renewal rigmarole.

      It worked better at big chains, independents seemed to hate it. A waitress I know said she and her colleagues despised the customers who came in to use it. Some places tried to present a full price bill despite fulfiling the…[Read more]

    • I bet the waitress’ boss doesn’t “hate it” – he chose to accept them!

      I think staff will take a dim view as tastecard holders = cheapskates as far as tipping (on the full bill, not the discounted final bill) goes!

  • kyle sancho posted an update in the group Group logo of Going OutGoing Out 1 month, 1 week ago

    Which provides the best Pizzas and why ? Papa Johns or Dominos

    • Neither – both overpriced for what they are.
      I’d rather stick a shop bought pizza in the oven myself and know it’ll be steaming hot when I want to eat it.

      • Spot on. Plus you can pimp a modest offering to suit your own taste.

        My issue with take-always is hygiene practice (or lack of).

    • We often get flyers for Dominos through the door and their prices always astound me. Even with the frequent ‘buy one get one free’ type offers they still charge considerably more than what I’d be prepared to pay.

    • Try both and decide which one you prefer.

    • I like Papa John’s
      Just had one and it tastes better than Domino’s

    • Its all personal preference, I had a Dominoes a week yesterday, thought it was ok.
      To be honest I prefer a pizza from a local takeaway, better quality than Dominoes/Papa Johns but a little more expensive.
      Failing that it must be a shop bought 1.

    • if I had to choose one over the other I’d choose Papa Johns, the vegetarian pizza is much nicer than the Dominos one 🙂 but preferably I’d by a deluxe veggy from Aldi and pimp it up :smiley:

    • Neither

      Cooked from fresh in the wood fired pizza oven in the garden is the best ever

      Failing that, then Gordon Ramseys pizza cooked in a frying pan

    • The former Papa John employee I work with can go-on for hours about how pathetic Domino’s are. Can’t say that I find his former employer’s products that much better but he can fairly get us a lot of them for next to nothing on our occasional beer n’pizza nights!

    • The biggest cost for them is the delivery (staff, insurance and vehicles). It will always be cheaper to collect and make your own. Also of course delivered food is subject to VAT, food you cook yourself generally has no VAT.

      To answer the OP, depends on a lot of things, I generally prefer Dominos as I like their dough and the flavour of the…[Read more]

    • Im more of a fan of the smaller independent pizza places. There is a food truck that is local to us 1 night a week, and they do a wicked wood fired pizza … cheaper than the chains and so delicious! #shopsmall

    • Dominos, but as to the price, look around for discount codes as the last few I have had have been 50% off vouchers.

    • Dominos was (in my experience) the cheapest option when I lived in Sydney but disagreed with my stomach. Can’t say I’ve had a Papa John pizza. I’d prefer independent outlets myself as well. Will investigate the Gordon Ramsey one as soon as can buy yeast as love homemade

    • I know some people poo-poo them both and say a £3 supermarket one is “just as good”. Each to their own but i don’t agree. Not to say that i think Dominos or PJs are amazing but i think they’re better.

      I find Domino’s (and Pizza Hut) quite greasy. The flavours are nice enough most of the time but the pizza itself is very greasy.

      Papa John’s…[Read more]

  • marcus posted an update in the group Group logo of Going OutGoing Out 1 month, 2 weeks ago


    I bought a deal for a spa day for my girlfriends birthday. Due to corona virus the spa closed down. They asked me to book a further date. I told them I won’t be here long and if I couldn’t use the voucher then, I will not be able to use it later dates. They told me to contact groupon for refund. After around 48 emails, 3 online chats and…[Read more]

    • Have you pointed our your rights I.e. specific paragraph of statute or terms and conditions?
      what was their response?
      how did you pay? Have you considered a chargeback?

      • I paid with my credit card. I wrote several emails to them that I can’t use groupon credits and I can’t use the deal if it was not on the day I booked. I don’t know what else to do. The head office is closed, noone to contact. I only have email communication and they absolutely refuse to give my money back.

        • I’m in exactly the same situation. Paid £45 for something which obviously couldn’t be done now. Asked for a *cash* refund, got Groupon Bucks instead.

          I know I should put up a big fight but I just don’t have the motivation at the moment. I’m sure they’ll be something on Groupon I want going forward.

          • I don’t want to leave it and let them have it. I can’t spend the groupon coupon they give me. There must be something I can do. I will try contacting the bank to see what they can do.

            • Ask your credit card provider to do a chargeback.
              yes it may take longer due to the global pandemic. Most companies are answering emails although it’s taking longer than normal.
              i would suggest you keep all your correspondence.
              have you looked through the physical items you could buy from groupon rather than experiences. I know you don’t want to…[Read more]

    • I asked my bank via online chat and I got my money back from bank as chargeback. Thank you very much for this. I didn’t know what a chargeback was before I wrote here.

    • I actually liked groupon and used it for dinner and getaway deals. But they gave me such a hard time for the last 3 weeks, I decided to remove it from my phone and my emails. I won’t ever use it again.

    • check the expiry date, than can be really short and unusable.

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